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September 11th movies

There’s a lot of talk right now about United 93, the new movie account of that plane during the September 11th hijacking. Then there’s the new Oliver Stone film, World Trade Center, also coming out around the same time. I read an interesting article in the Philadelphia Inquirer that asks the same thing many other […]


Studios admit to crappy movies

I just finished reading this article from the LA Times, which was filled with heartening quotes, such as this one from Amy Pascal, Sony Pictures Vice Chairman: "It’s really easy for all of us to blame the condition of the theaters, gas prices, alternative media, the population changes and everything else I’ve heard myself say. […]


Attack of The B Movies!

Those great folks at the “Sci-Fi Channel”:http://www.scifi.com are really onto something new — producing original, low-budget genre movies for their Saturday night lineup. Man, does this make sense. When you’re home alone, on a Saturday night, with nothing better to do than watch TV, wouldn’t you rather be watching something like “Mansquito”:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0430334/ ? Plus, it’s […]